Two Free Introductory Stories

Love Sci-Fi?

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Two Free Introductory Stories

Love Sci-Fi?

Get two introductory stories free when you sign up.

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Weekending: A Rogue Planet Short

The Rogue Planet Series

For The Not Kid Types

Rogue Planet is an upcoming near-future sci-fi disaster novel featuring Mel Barber and Leala Pendrova who must survive a dying Earth and an unforgiving Mars long enough to save their families and preserve humanity. The novel is currently out on query with several agents, and book two is in active development.

The short story Weekending (~5k words) is set concurrent with the events of Rogue Planet, and featuring characters from the novel.

College buddies Nolan, Tom, and Grant set out for a weekend of camping in the mountains of northern California, anticipating a couple quiet days of fishing, reminiscing, and carousing. Everything's going well until they're roused from their tent on the first night to find that the sky, the mountain, and the Earth herself have turned against them.

The Astronauts Sam and the Unexpected Visitor

The Astronauts Sam Series

For The Kid Types

The Astronauts Sam is a series of stories for kids of all ages intended to help develop new readers interested in space, science, exploration, and play while demonstrating the values of friendship, helpfulness, hopefulness, and compassion. A picture book and an early reader are in active development, with everything from board books to young adult novels to come.

The Unexpected Visitor is a short story (~5k words) meant to introduce adults to the world of the Astronauts Sam.

Change and uncertainty make Sam anxious, and a stranger crashing their impromptu mission in the middle of snack time is almost too much to accept. While Samantha makes a new friend, their unexpected visitor makes a fascinating discovery, and Sam learns that sometimes something (or someone) different just makes life more interesting.

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