Big Dreams of a Younger Writer

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Big Dreams of a Younger Writer

When I was younger, and reading mostly licensed, genre novels, I dreamed of writing genre fiction as good as the best literary works, that would garner the same level of respect. I also wanted to write at least one book in every major fiction genre and elevate the entire field of literature. Young men dream big.

In college, having discovered Kerouac and the Beats, I tried to become an avant-garde poet and write sweeping auto-biographical epics. Contemplating a Kerouac poster I’d hung in my room, I yearned to write well enough, and to earn enough respect that some future young man in the 2020s (not so far away now) would hang my poster in his room, dreaming the same big dreams.

Now we live in a world where the nerds have ascended, the highest grossing films feature comic book characters, genre fiction is healthier than ever, and storytelling as an art form has risen across the board. In the same time, I’ve grown into my limitations, and narrowed my grand visions to something nearer my capacity to deliver.

I’m focused on learning the new art of storytelling, and writing engaging, moving science-fiction for adults and entertaining, educational science-fiction for children and teens. I’m also working hard to find people like you who are interested in me and my fiction, and who are excited to help me share it with the wider world.

I haven’t left all those big dreams behind, but I’ve learned that I have to focus, and become the best I can in a narrower plot of land.

How have time and self-reflection shaped your big dreams? Where are you in your own journey? Or how has the world shifted under your feet and changed your presumed path?


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